Violin Concerto

Violin Concerto  (1997/2017) 25 minutes.
First performance: Reykjavík 1998, Sigrún Edvaldsdóttir violin, Caput Ensemble,
Gudmundur Óli Gunnarsson.
Instrumentation: The concerto is available in three versions:

Violin and ensemble (original version): K2000)-solo


Violin and ensemble (without synthesizer):


Violin and orchestra: violin-strings

The violin concerto, composed for the CAPUT ensemble and violinist Sigrún Eðvaldsdóttir, consists of two pairs of movements with a short cadenza after the first. In movements I and III the violin and the ensemble are seemingly in different worlds, although both parts move within the same (constantly expanding) harmonic circles. Parts II and IV exude a boisterous rhythmic energy, and here the musical texture is more homogenous, although the violin is clearly the leader. “The violin can be seen as a traveller, the ensemble a landscape,” says Tómasson.

“This is intriguing, original music which appeals on several levels and, one suspects, will continue to fascinate on repeated listening.” Records International, November 2000.

“Captivating music by a highly talented composer… manages again and again to reach novel effects through its colorful harmonies and intricate polyphonic web.” Fono Forum, March 2001

“Tómasson´s music exudes personality. His concerto has both musical direction and logic, and his language is completely his own.”
NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands), June 2001.

“… a dramatic piece that explores the expressive capabilities of the soloist and the instrument in thorough and musical fashion. The cadenza has an expressive urgency that is rare in music of any style or era. This concerto deserves to be taken up by performers looking for something a bit off the beaten path.” Stephen Hicken, American Record Guide, May/June 2001.

Recording: BIS CD-1068  Sigrún Eðvaldsdóttir violin, Caput Ensemble, Guðmundur Óli Gunnarsson.

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