Moldarljós (2010) for chamber ensemble. Commissioned by Gunnlaugur Sigfússon.
First performance: Reykjavík 2011, Caput ensemble, Guðni Franzson.
Instrumentation: 1(picc).1.1.0- organ-

Moldarljós is conceived to bring together the art of Eggert Pétursson and
the music of Haukur Tómasson to create new works that refer to each other.
The artist and the composer approached this task by meeting regularly over
the period of some fourteen months; Haukur observing Eggert at his easel,
Eggert listening to Haukur’s music while painting. In that way the work evolved –
or rather the works, for Eggert ended up producing four paintings while Haukur’s
composition consists of four parts, each referring to one painting. The composition
and the paintings are thus structurally linked in more ways than one. Each plant
or species in the paintings is paired with an instrument so that one can follow
the development of the musical composition through the paintings – and vice versa.
Haukur received the Icelandic Music Award 2011 for Moldarljós.

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