It Relaxes Me, the Repetition

It Relaxes Me, the Repetition – 16 minutes

First performance: Harpa, Reykjavík, January 26. 2023. Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Nathanaël Iselin

It Relaxes Me, the Repetition
I. Istallation
II. Dots, Lines, Curves
III. Infinity.

“It Relaxes Me, the Repetition” is a quote from Japanese visual artist Yayoi Kusama (born 1929). Obsessive repetition is one of the main characteristics of her art. Haukur’s orchestral work draws inspiration from Kusama’s art, which he says he has been deeply influenced by. The orchestral piece consists of three parts, each of which corresponds to a specific category of Yayoi Kusama’s works.
The first movement is inspired by installations where a room is filled with polka dotted felt limbs, like some strange underwater plants. The second movement, Dots, Lines, Curves, relates to Kusama’s drawings in which recurring motifs and patterns such as eyes, insects, dots, lines and curves completely fill the white ark. The third movement, Infinity, is inspired by Kusama’s amazing installations called Infinity Rooms; a darkened space full of coloured lights and mirrors reminiscent of the overwhelming expanse of space.

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Exerpt (beginning)