Flétta (Twine) (2009-2011) for choir, chamber choir and ensemble. Poems by Pétur Gunnarsson, Sjón, Hannes Pétursson, Snorri Hjartarson, Stefán Hörður Grímsson and Þorsteinn frá Hamri. 55 minutes.
First performance: Reykjavík June 2011, Mótettukórinn, Scola Cantorum, Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra, Hörður Áskelsson.
Flétta (Twine) combines poetry by living and deceased Icelandic poets where nature is the common theme. It discusses the sublime beauty of nature, our affiliation with it and our responsibility for it. Six very short poems by Sjón, sung by the chamber choir, are interlinked with longer poems of older generation poets, sung by the large choir. The poetry ranges from hailing the spring to images depicting desolate landscape. The piece is a journey through the seasons.

Recording: LH-CD/DVD-001- Mótettukórinn, Scola Cantorum, Reykjavík Chamber Orchestra, Hörður Áskelsson. Available from list@hallgrimskirkja.is

For further information please contact the Iceland Music Information at itm@mic.is or the composer at hato@simnet.is