Ether (1988) for violoncello. 6 minutes.
First performance: Reykjavík 1989, Bryndís Halla Gylfadóttir.
The piece explores the interaction of three very slow waves which conduct density and degree of agitation in different parameters. This means that the rhythm f.ex. moves gradually from even steady notes to very active nervous motives and then back again. Another wave conducts how the music slowly moves form the lowest notes of the instrument up to the highest register and down again. A third wave controls how complex the pitch material is at each moment. Rather than only producing a wave-like facade, these oscillations create a constantly but slowly shifting point of focus. In the latter half of the piece these waves become temporarily disturbed or paralyzed. Ether was composed for cellist Bryndís Halla Gylfadóttir in 1988, who gave the first performance in Reykjavík in 1989.

Recording: ITM 8-04 Bryndís Halla Gylfadóttir

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