Music involving voice by Haukur Tómasson

Hús (2017) for soprano, guitar and playback  15′
Tímans tönn (2016) for soprano and ensemble/orchestra  20′
Melankolia perpetualis (2014) for bass voice and 4 players  25′
Flétta (Twine) (2011) for choir, chamber choir and chamber orchestra   60′
Murmur, Whiz, Squeak (2007) for soprano, accordion and 3 percussionists   15′
Landscape With Time (2005) for choir and 8 players   7′
Big Numbers (1999) for soprano and ensemble   22′
Gudrun’s 4th Song  (1996) opera for 6 vocal soloists, 2 childrens voices, male choir and ensemble   60′
Stone Songs (2011) Three settings of poems by Sjón for voice and piano (or guitar)  6′

For choir a cappella (all texts in Icelandic):

Birkitré (2020) (Sigurður Pálsson) First performance by Hamrahlíð College Choir
Kjarval málar (2014)
(Þórarinn Eldjárn)  First performed by Ljóti kór
Kiljan skrifar (2014)
(Þórarinn Eldjárn)  First performed by Ljóti kór
Jólaljósin blika (2012) (Margrét Jónsdóttir)  First performed by Hamrahlíðarkórinn
Vandlætingarvísa (2010) (Hallgrímur Pétursson)  First performed by Kammerkór Norðurlands
Vor hinsti dagur er hniginn (2004) (Halldór Laxness)  First performance by Kammerkór Norðurlands
Fögnuður (2004) (Matthías Johannessen)  First performed by Hamrahlíðarkórinn

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