Murmur, Whiz, Squeak

Murmur, whiz, squeak (2007) 6 songs for soprano, accordion and three percussionists. Poems by Sjón. 15 minutes. First performance: Reykjavík, March 12, 2008, Herdís Anna Jónasdóttir soprano, Tatu Kantomaa, accordion, Eggert Pálsson, Frank Aarnink and Pétur Grétarsson percussion. Guðni Franzson conductor.
I read Sjón’s book of poetry Myrkar fígúrur (Dark Figures) in 1999. Soon after I started composing music to some of the poems and during the next few years I would revisit the book now and then, ending up with six songs separated by short percussion cadenzas. The poetry is rich in words referring to sounds and it felt right to use multifarious percussion instruments.

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