Earth Pulse

Earth Pulse  (2012)  6′

Volcanic hot spots around the world might be pulsating together — like a great planetary heartbeat — at the rates of five and ten million years. Earth Pulse was inspired by this theory. This very slow beat is used as a ground for Earth Pulse, but sped up to avoid the piece becoming too long.
I have tried to create almost tangible sounds, with rumbling percussion playing a large part at the beginning and at the end. The piece is based on a single, widely spaced chord which is explored and filtered in various ways. There are big bangs, they are foreshadowed, they have repercussions, there is debris.
Earth Pulse also forms part of the orchestral piece The Elements, which was commissioned by Iceland Symphony Orchestra and premiered in 2012 with John Storgårds conducting.

Earth Pulse (score excerpt)

Listen to excerpt: