Doors to Dreams

Doors to Dreams (2000/2004)
15 minutes.
First performance: Reykjavik 2002, Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Bernhard Wilkinson .
Instrumentation: 3(III also picc).3.3.3(III also c.bsn)-

The five-movement Doors to Dreams alternates rhythmic, percussive movements with calm, nearly static ones. It is inspired by a poem by Óskar Árni Óskarsson, which, in Tómasson´s words, “pairs incompatible things and actions.” Tómasson´s music explores sharp contrasts, between playful and sombre, extreme dynamics, registers, and timbres. The movements are titled: Echoes, Voices, Wings, Illumination, and Doors to Dreams.

“Tómasson´s composition is a work of genius… a marvellously lively and entertaining score with mysterious interludes…” DV (Iceland), February 2002.

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First pages of the score: Doors to Dreams (beginning)

Listen to the third movement; Wings: